Anterolateral ligament (ALL) / complex

This is relatively controversial topic that is undergoing continued investigation and study. It is a region on the lateral (outer) side of the knee that seems to work in conjunction with the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) to control the rotational movement at the knee joint. It would appear to often be injured at the same time as the ACL and then may increase the risk of major instability. This can then mean perhaps a less reliable result from ACL reconstructive treatments in demanding individuals in high risk sports in particular.

There would appear to be a role for at least considering surgery here in patients who would appear vulnerable to repeat injury. In my practice, this currently includes individuals having their second ACL reconstructive surgery (either on the same or the other knee), especially if at a young age and are desiring a return into contact and demanding pivoting sports. This will be discussed in your consultation if it would appear appropriate to consider. The scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this procedure is still evolving and we will be looking at our own data on the SSC ACL database in the future to try and assist us in our decision making.

Further information can be found here on this surgical procedure called a lateral extra-articular tenodesis.

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