Mark Jackson – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mark Jackson
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialising in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Sports Knee Injuries, Arthroscopy and Knee Replacement.


Please contact the office via phone or email. We will then be in touch to arrange a suitable time. A confirmation letter and text message will be sent out close to your appointment date.

For new patients, ideally we require a referral letter from your GP or physiotherapist as this is often required by insurance companies. If you are a returning patient, the office will guide you on what is required.

An X-ray will usually be necessary for all individuals over the age of 55. This can be arranged with the radiology department on the same day and prior to your appointment with Mr Jackson.

Not all referrals and presentations require an MRI scan. Generally young individuals with traumatic or sporting injuries will need an MRI and patients in which an X-Ray has perhaps proven non-diagnostic. Also, patients under the age of 55 are more likely to benefit from an MRI. This can be arranged with the radiology department on the same day and prior to your appointment with Mr Jackson.

The scan disc with the images should be brought along on the day of your consultation and will be uploaded to the system for Mr Jackson to review.

Loose fitting clothing or shorts are usually advised for your consultation.

Typically, appointments will take 20-30 mins. However, this can be dependent on the patient and their presentation. If you cannot attend your appointment or become delayed, please inform the office at your earliest convenience.

Fees will vary according to the appointment type. This can be checked with the administrative staff. Please check with your healthcare provider as most policies will reimburse you 50-75% 0n outpatient clinic fees.

We advise you to check with your healthcare provider prior to surgery. The following are the insurance codes for  your provider:

3910 – Total Knee Replacement

3914 – Partial Knee Replacement (VHI – 3943)

3836/3837/3838 – Anterior Cruciate Ligament

3821 / 3822 – Arthroscopy

5890 – MPFL / MCL/ PCL

4334 – Knee Injection


– Knee arthroscopies are generally day cases performed in the morning with discharge early afternoon.
– Ligament reconstruction patients require an overnight stay.
– A joint replacement patient will be for discharge after 3 days.

The guidelines are to be fasting (including chewing gum) for 6 hours prior to surgery. This information will be provided to you on your admission letter for surgery.

– The majority of day case patients can drive once they can safely perform an emergency stop and off crutches. Mr Jackson would generally recommend waiting at least 3 days.
– An ACL surgery Mr Jackson would generally recommend waiting 4-6 weeks
– After major interventions such as a knee replacement, it is 6 weeks. If the operated leg is on the left and you have an automatic car, it is sometimes feasible to drive earlier depending on comfort.

This is dependent on your surgery and type of work. Sedentary jobs can return earlier in some cases, however manual work will require longer. Mr Jackson will advise during your consultation.

It is generally recommended not to fly after surgery (particularly long haul flights over 4 hours) to minimise the risk of a deep vein thrombosis for a 6-week period. Therefore, all non-essential flights should be avoided. If a short haul flight is necessary and a minor procedure has been performed, then please discuss at the consultation. Occasionally anti-coagulation medications can be administered to facilitate urgent or essential travel.

Mr Jackson performs the majority of his surgeries in SSC. He also has operating privileges in the BONS Secour Hospital Glasnevin and Blackrock Clinic.

General advice is all oral contraceptive containing oestrogen are stopped 6 weeks prior to surgery to minimise a DVT.

Topical HRT treatment can continue but most oral HRT should be stopped 6 weeks prior to surgery.


Generally, steristrips (paper stitches) are used to close wounds. In some instances, clips or stitches are used. You will be advised on discharge and an appointment made with the nurse in Mr Jackson’s office / wound clinic / own gp.

You cannot shower for 24 hours after your surgery. Waterproof dressings are applied to your wounds and wrapping in cling film can also be used for extra protection.

Swimming is not permitted until the wound is fully healed (at least 2 weeks). This can be advised further at the 2 week follow up appointment.

All patients are followed up at approximately 2 weeks post operatively in our rooms by our specialist physiotherapist and clinical practice nurse. At this appointment wounds, pain management, exercises and assessment of the initial 2 week period are completed. After the 2 weeks the following is generally applied for surgeries:

  • Arthroscopy, discharged and advised to contact us if any issues in the future. Some may require a further appointment at 3 months.
  • ACL reconstructions are further reviewed at 3 months and 9 months. Revision ACLs and MPFL may be required to attend at more regular intervals to ensure recovery is going as planned. Testing is carried out at 4 and 7 months.
  • Knee replacements are seen at 3 months and 1 year. X-rays are also completed on the same day in the radiology department prior to your appointment in the office.

We would encourage patients to contact us at any time if they have issues or concerns.